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       Dog Gone Off Course?

         The correction :            CUE MORE.

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Agility Handling ...
    ...  for Most of Us.

Cue More to Q More by Mark Ostrich book cover


Most agility handling books are for those striving to compete at the top of the sport. 

Cue More to Q More is for agility handlers who love running their dogs, but do not have the time, resources or the dog to join the agility elite.


Cue More to Q More shows average handlers how to find success in the trial ring, regardless of training, by examining their dogs’ individual nature and understanding how the cues work.

This may be the best answer for less trainable dogs and for those whose trained behaviors don’t always show up in the trial ring.

Though written with the novice in mind, Cue More to Q More explains principles that often apply to even the most experienced handlers, suggesting that …

 ... if what you are doing in the ring does not always work, the answer just might be to ...     cue more.


MACH Mizahna

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The Book

 Cue More to Q More is available in paperback below and in the Qmore Store, and on Amazon in both the United States as well as England (through their “Print on Demand”  service, the book is printed there keeping shipping fees low.)  

Though previously available through this web, eBooks are now available only through Amazon.